Uploading/Deploying Videos to VOCAT:

When logged into your creator account, on your dashboard any classes you are enrolled in that use Vocat should appear immediately. To add your video follow these steps:

  • Click on the course title. 
  • Click the title of the project for which the video you recorded applies.
  • You should see an empty media frame with a button in the center that reads: Add Media to Submission. Click this button.
  • This gives the creator the following options: Drag and drop files, select an audio, image or video file (to upload), and add a Vimeo/Youtube URL (link to paste in). Select the choice that applies to you.

If you uploaded to YouTube:

  • Go to the URL that your video is located on (ex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9biVdn7AxY), and copy this URL
  • On the VOCAT page click Vimeo/Youtube URL and paste in the submission field. NOTE: Do not insert the link provided by the “share” field located beneath the YouTube video. This link will cause an error in your VOCAT submission
  • Press the Add+ button.

If you uploaded to Vimeo

If uploading directly to VOCAT

  • If the video is easily accessible on your desktop, you can simply click on it with your mouse, hold, and drag into the box "Drag and drop files".
  • You can also click "Select an audio, image or video file" box, and a file system interface should appear, allowing you to select the video from the folder in which you have it stored.
  • Once you select the video for upload, the upload process begins. You may see a button appear that will tell you to be prepared to wait while the upload process completes. After waiting the suggested amount of time, reload your browser, and your video should be available to access.

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