Preparing Media Assets

Vocat can accommodate video, audio, and movie files in a range of formats. CREATORS will need to get their media assets into Vocat, and can do so through three paths: using the Vocat iPhone app (available from the iTunes Store), via upload from the web client, or, if working with video, via embeds from YouTube or Vimeo.      

  1. If using the Vocat iPhone app, CREATORS can record or capture media directly via the app, or they can access their phone's media library and upload directly to their Vocat instance. 
  2. If uploading directly via the web client, CREATORS must first make sure their video/image/audio vile is available and accessibly locally on an Internet-connected laptop or desktop, and then upload the file via the "Manage Media" button on their Vocat project.

  3. Creators may also upload videos to YouTube or Vimeo. As long as the video has a publicly-accessible URL (it cannot be password-protected) it will be embeddable in a Vocat submission. 

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