The annotation tool allows you to make specific comments about aspects of the student’s media submission. You can do the following with the annotation tool:

  • Make a time stamped comment: This feature allows you to reference a specific point in a media submission and comment on it. When reviewing your comments, students can click them and Vocat will open the specific part of the media submission that the comment relates to/contextualizes
  • Use of Oval annotation tool: This tool allows you to place a yellow circle around anything in an image submission, or on a video at a specific point in the video timeline.
  • Use of the Draw annotation tool: This allows you to draw freeform on media submissions
  • Use of the Select tool: This allows you to quickly move any freeform drawings or ovals around the media submission canvas.

These tools work for all types of media assets, with limited availability of drawing tools for audio files. While annotations of images don't necessarily utilize timestamp functionality, you can use the drawing tools to make separate points to a student.

When annotating video or audio, all you have to do is start typing for the timestamp functionality to be initiated.

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