Vocat for CUNY!

For several years now, those of us working on Vocat at Baruch College have fielded requests from colleagues across CUNY interested in using the tool. Technical limitations in Vocat 2.0 made it difficult to share, and created a barrier to scaling up use.

The release of Vocat 3.0 last spring, which introduced server-side processing for videos, has made scaling Vocat considerably easier. And now that we have rolled out Vocat 3.1, which includes automatic provisioning via Puppet manifests, launching new instances of Vocat is a snap.

We’re ready to share, and are starting locally. Beginning in Fall 2015, any CUNY campus will be able to request their own instance of Vocat.


Baruch College will be offering the tool, license free. We will help arrange at-cost hosting and video transcoding for any other CUNY campus that wants to host externally; if campuses wish to host Vocat in their own infrastructure, we will assist with the installation.

In Spring 2015, the Baruch Center for Teaching and Learning will:

  • announce a pricing structure for external hosting.
  • hold web conferences orienting CUNY colleagues to the requirements of managing Vocat, with an emphasis on necessary local support.
  • document existing and potential use cases.


In Summer 2015, the Baruch CTL will:

  • Host a one-day orientation for project leaders and support teams from other CUNY campuses.
  • Arrange visits to participating campuses to meet with interested faculty.


In Fall 2015, the Baruch CTL will:

  • Continue to advise project leaders at other campuses on support.
  • Compile and prioritize bug, feature, and help requests for the Vocat developer.
  • Begin plans to share Vocat more broadly.


We encourage anyone at CUNY who is interested in pursuing a Vocat instance for their campus to initiate a conversation with our Vocat team as soon as possible by sending an email to vocat@baruch.cuny.edu.

We are so very pleased to be able to share this software throughout CUNY, and look forward to seeing what our colleagues across our great university do with it!