Vocat at the 2014 EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Conference

Mikhail Gershovich presented Vocat at the ELI Annual Conference in New Orleans in February, 2014.

From the conference program:

“Using Digital Video to Assess Student Learning Outcomes and Program Efficacy: The Case of VOCAT”

Mikhail Gershovich, Lead, VOCAT Development and Marketing, Baruch College, City University of New York

Grounded in data collected at Baruch College since 2007, this session will present lessons learned in the ongoing use of open web video technologies in the assessment of student learning as a way to a broader discussion of the implications of digital video for outcomes assessment. This panel will introduce VOCAT 3.0, a video assessment application developed by Baruch using open-source tools, and will consider the institutional, technical, and pedagogical challenges of developing and deploying video-based assessments. We will address the possibilities VOCAT offers for the collection, analysis, and visualization of assessment data.

OUTCOMES: Critically engage with the complexities and nuances of video-based assessments of student learning. * Understand the challenges of developing new assessment models and deploying digital video assessment instruments. * Explore the implications of assessment initiatives reliant on digital tools that allow assessments to move online/mobile. * Address institutional challenges to funding, developing, and integrating digital video assessment tools. * Get models for video-based assessments of student learning and program efficacy. * Brainstorm possibilities for data analysis and visualization presented by open-source libraries integrated with VOCAT.